whitedragonman (whitedragonman) wrote in foxfurries,

Whats been going on lately.

I put a ad on pounced.org. No body has answered my ad yeat. I hope someone finds me interesting. I even have a picture of me on my ad so that they will know what I look like. My furry name on pounced.org is lightanddarkdragonman. My dragon form is half white and half black. The white half looks good while the black half looks evil. My dragon form is almost like Light and Darkness Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game. But my neck is longer and I have a different head. I don't have a furry suit yeat, but I'll keep on trying to get one. Another one of my friends got into a car wreck. It was at the entrance of the trailer park where I live at. He is okay, but he has some bruising inside of him. Man my friends are having bad luck. I hope both my friends will be okay. My mom is doing okay. This summer I'll be going to Virginia to one of my family reunions. Most of my family lives up in Virginia. I love it up there. The fresh air and the beautiful surroundings. I'm going to love getting to talk to my family members and showing them my art work. I would love to go see the movie Iron Man 2. It looks like it is going to be a good movie.

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