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Whats been going on lately.

One of these past weekends my mom had to go to the emergency room, because she had pain in her cheast. She had some fluid on the heart. She is okay now. Also one of these past weeks my friend William has got into a wreck. Someone crashed into the rear of his pickup truck. The rear of his pickup truck is a mess. And when he came over to see me and told me what happened, he was complaning about terrible back pain. I think the wreck hurt his back very bad. The pickup truck he had was very old. I hope he'll be okay. I been helping around the house. I mowed the lawn and cleaned the yard.  And cleaned the mobile home. Ya, I live in a mobile home. I lived in the same mobile home since I was born. I also have lived in the same trailor park since I was born. It's a nice trailor park. I'm still working on my movie. I'm also trying to beat the video game,"Kingdom of Hearts". It has inspired me to add more villians to my movie searies. And to make some of the characters very important. I've herd on You Tube that Transformers 3 the movie is coming out on July 2011. I don't know if that is true or not. And I also herd that the movie is going to be 3D. I hope not. The last 3D movie I saw made my heart jump into my throat twice. The movie was called," Aliens of the Deep".  It was in High School when me and my classmates saw it. I just wanted to tell all of you whats been going on.
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