Fox Furries!

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Fox Furries
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Hello, and welcome to the LJ community for Fox Furries! Pull up a chair, kick your paws up and relax with folks like yourself!


1. Be respectful to all members
2. If flaming/conflict arises, take it to email or your choice of messenger, or you face banishment from the community
3. Posting of artwork is allowed, but must be under a cut. If posting anything nude or yiffy, you must clearly label it with the cut.
4. Content is not controlled- you can talk about or display just about anything! Art, fursuits, personal pictures, etc. Just keep the topics within reason. No hate speech or politics, please. These are too controversial and never end happily.
5. While this is a Fox Furry community, any fur is allowed to chat! Just don't feel outnumbered by the amount of vulpe lurking around. ;)

Failure to abide by the rules will result in warnings or bannings, depending on the situation. I don't think out of control behavior will be a problem, but please, bear in mind the rules. Thanks, and enjoy your stay!